October 22, 2016

Farewell Retsly, Hello Fatherhood

After an amazing but challenging 4 years, it has come time for me to say good bye to Retsly. Earlier today I sent an email to my team confirming that next Friday will be my last official day at Zillow.

I’m very very proud of everything that Retsly has stood for and promoted within the real estate industry. Retsly is in a very strong place, gaining traction quickly and I believe 2017 will be an amazing year for the business. I’m excited for all of the software that will be built on it and I hope that it will enable others to find their path into real estate tech.

While this was a very difficult decision for me, I feel it is the right decision, at exactly the right time, for the right reasons. You see, in ~6 weeks I’ll be welcoming my first child, a son named Aiden, into the world. I feel an obligation to him like nothing I’ve ever felt and so I must make room and prepare for this awesome responsibility.

Retsly has been an amazing journey but it completely consumed every part of me, with very little left over. I don’t really mean to imply this negatively, rather I see it as simply a symptom of the foundership journey. I greatly appreciate the path I took to get here, but its clear to me that I must take a different path forward.

Every hurdle I jumped on the way to this point has prepared me for this moment and I am proud to be in it. Thank you to all of the people who joined me on this journey and supported my vision over the last 4 years. I hope that you are able to understand this decision to change course and that we’ll raise a glass again soon.

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