July 20, 2012

New Site

My personal server was actually cracked by a sryian cracker group who basically just defaced a bunch of websites I don't use any more and intalled some spam bots. They had been trying to get in for weeks and I hadn't done a whole lot to try to stop them. It was actually pretty much laughable at how long it took them to detect the unpatched version of WHMCS which ultimately led to them rooting the box. Oh script kiddies!

Within an hour I had shut them out and restored the box from an earlier back up. I don't use the box for much more then some remote back ups and haven't updated my actual website in 4 years since I moved to Vancouver initially. I'm glad I made the decision last year to give all my hosting clients the boot or else it would have been mega drama.

Either way I'm pretty much abandoning the entire cpanel infrastructure and decided to host this site on github using github pages. It's a pretty slick little set up and entirely hacker friendly once you get it going. Next steps are to get my backups off that server and into dropbox, get my friends website off the server and onto something else and then I'll be able to shut er down completely and just stick with AWS and heroku from here on out.

Check out this awesome band I saw with Russian Circles a few weeks ago called And so I watch you from afar

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