August 1, 2012

Featured as a Developer by Angel List

Around mid-day today I checked my email and found this:

Looks like I was featured as “High-quality talent”. At first I thought my profile got blasted out to everyone so I began preparing for an onslaught of ruthless startup recruitment inquiries. But then I realized that Wynne Leung is also from BC. My assumption at that point was that they were using a regional context and they probably did this within all their regions. I posted a few tweets about it…

Did @angellist just feature me in their last email about AL Talent? If so I'm honored. It was the beard wasn't it?— Kyle Campbell (@slajax) August 17, 2012

And our conversation eventually got a response back from the CEO of Angel List confirming:

@slajax @allan_chang @wynwyn you were featured, and it is region targeted.— Naval Ravikant (@naval) August 17, 2012

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me!

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